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Clean rooms


What are clean rooms?

The development of new plant concepts has led to the creation of ‘clean’ environments. In such environments, the air maintains a high level of cleanliness but does not follow the same standard as in clean rooms.

Clean areas are prefabricated rooms, or groups of rooms, that are isolated from the surrounding rooms and thus from the associated possibilities of contamination, and can be served by their own air purification and/or treatment and air-conditioning system.

An exceptionally clean environment

Phamm’s clean rooms are freestanding, robust and durable structures that can also be used within a laboratory, handling area or warehouse. To achieve an exceptionally clean environment, 0.3 micron HEPA filtration with speed control is used, so that air exchange can be managed as required.

Sterile preparations for the pharmaceutical industry, biological compounds, and cell cultures are but the most common processes for which a very high degree of air cleanliness is required, which cannot be achieved with traditional approaches in simply clean environments.

For the pharmaceutical and hospital sector

The development of new plant concepts has enabled the realisation of sterile environments for hospitals and pharmaceutical processes, the so-called clean rooms. The clean room constitutes a prefabricated room, or group of rooms, isolated from the surrounding area and served by its own air treatment and air conditioning system.

The design and realisation of Phamm Engineering in Milan

Efficiency and low maintenance requirements

Thanks to 3D design using SolidWorks software and the development of models for CFD simulation and FEM analysis

Thanks to a constant policy of research and development in the use of first-class components

Thanks to the speedy service and supply of spare parts

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Phamm Engineering stands out for the efficiency and completeness of services for clean rooms: from consultancy and plant design to qualified assistance and maintenance support.

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