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Activated carbon filters, Phamm Engineering solutions

Active carbon filters from Phamm Engineering are produced by a company with over twenty years of experience in the technology and air filtration sector.

Here are more details on the advantages and features of our product.

Active carbon filters UFM

This filtering unit is made entirely with panels in galvanized steel sheet, which are press-bent and bolted together, with octagonal structures painted in BLUE RAL colour, and with support legs in thick metal sheet. Our filters are made in such a way as to allow practical and faster maintenance procedures, thanks to inspection panels that simplify the process. These systems also allow a precise optimization of the filtering unit size, in relation to the amount of air that needs to be treated: this is made possible by features such as the high efficiency of filters, the retention capacity of the activated carbon and the construction modular filter systems.

Technical characteristics of active carbon filters

the active carbon filters UFM are able to treat flow rates from 1,000 to 60,000 m3 / h. The loading and unloading phases of the carbon pellets take place respectively from the top and from the bottom, where there are openings installed on the bottom of the filter. Thanks to the electric fan positioning on the ground next to the filter, this can work in depression. The filtering unit is available in RAL powder painted carbon steel versions, with different colours available, or in stainless steel 304.

Other types of filters

In addition to the activated carbon version, Phamm Engineering also deals with the production of cartridge filters, ideal for those who need filtering dust collectors devices with automatic cleaning systems, and bag filters, which retain dust through fabric sleeves.

You can request more information about our activated carbon filters and other products contacting Phamm Engineering now.

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