Environmental parameters Control, product quality, staff security, this is Phamm Engineering, manufacturer of sterile cleanrooms and related products, to protect the production processes that need controlled contamination environments.
      Thanks to the high specialization, the complete “turnkey” service and the total quality offered, Phamm Engineering is today a point of reference for the activities that need technological support in the creation of clean rooms.

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      Phamm Engineering offers consulting, design, construction and management of sterile clean rooms for all companies whose production must be protected from exogenous and endogenous sources of pollution. Attention to detail in all stages of development and all technical components.
      Phamm Engineering is always careful to guarantee the highest performance and the highest levels of safety.
      The result? Quality products and results that exceed your expectations.

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      Camere bianche su misura e chiavi in mano | Phamm Engineering

      Custom-made and turnkey clean rooms

      Professionalità, ricerca ed esperienza | Phamm Engineering

      Professionality, research and experience

      Aumentano le applicazioni per le camere bianche | Phamm Engineering

      Applications for clean rooms increase

      With our turnkey solutions you will have an efficient and transparent service. Our standard of work with attention to every detail is the assurance of the result quality. We will be by your side to satisfy every request. Seeing is believing.

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      We offer clean rooms and safe, tested and reliable products followed from the beginning to the end, we study and design forefront technological formulas thanks to our specialized engineers. Our corporate know-how is solid and unique. Try us

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      We work with all technological sectors, from medical to hospital, including cosmetic, microelectronic, pharmaceutical, food, chemical and optical fields. Do you want to learn more? Call us on 02 8364 7535.

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      Certificazione Esna-Soa | Phamm Engineering

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      This filtering unit is made entirely with panels in galvanized steel sheet, which are press-bent and bolted together, with octagonal structures painted in BLUE RAL colour, and with support legs in thick metal sheet. Our filters...

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      The aseptic room for the chemical and health sector

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      Designing clean rooms, why contact Phamm Engineering

      Our company based in Pozzo D’Adda realizes turnkey customized projects and high-quality products to ensure the best performance in every sector of application. Find out more about how we work and what we can offer you...

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