Those who need a highly qualified and flexible services partner for designing white rooms in Milan can contact Phamm Engineering.

Our company based in Pozzo D’Adda realizes turnkey customized projects and high-quality products to ensure the best performance in every sector of application. Find out more about how we work and what we can offer you.

Designing clean rooms, how we operate

Our plants are the result of a team-work of technicians and engineers who constantly follow training in the world of clean rooms, and intensive research and development. These projects use first-level components, and make use of elements and accessories that can also be made in measures that are out of standards, so as to adapt to all the specific needs and to every reality of application. Each system is designed in 3D thanks to the use of SolidWorks software, and models are created for FEM analysis and CFD simulation. Our works are designed to last over time, and to offer a product that requires little and simple maintenance. We can also ensure maximum performance for many different industrial processes, such as

chemistry, biological compounds, cell cultures, sterile and non-sterile preparations for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, microelectronics, food production and packaging, composite materials such as carbon, precision optics and others.

Accessories for clean rooms

Our clean rooms are optimized with high quality complements. Beginning with the monobloc stainless steel passboxes and cart pass-through with rounded interiors, also available in non-standard sizes; FFU (Filter Fan Unit) ventilating units designed for fitting on self-supporting structures or for insertion into a grid; STANDARD modular AIR SHOWERS or integrated in existing locals; cartridge filters and bag filters for normal and Atex powders; and finally, furnishings for clean rooms: cabinets, tables, shelves, benches, hand basins and more.

You can request our cleanroom production services by contacting Phamm Engineering now.