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Sterile rooms in Milan, the services of Phamm Engineering

Phamm Engineering deals with the production of clean rooms in Milan. From consulting to management, this is all we can offer you.

Those who need to design clean rooms in Milan can contact Phamm Engineering, the ideal partner for the construction of cleanrooms and other solutions for environmental control. Our offer is characterized by a highly competent and totally customizable service, able to satisfy every need of all the professional sectors in which they can be applied.

Sterile rooms in Milan

Every company with the need to protect its production from endogenous and exogenous sources of pollution to ensure a quality product requires advanced tools such as sterile rooms, prefabricated rooms with independent air treatment and air conditioning. Phamm Engineering realizes solid and resistant independent structures, suitable for use in many different environments such as warehouses, laboratories and handling areas; to ensure that they offer an excellent performance in terms of cleaning the environment, HEPA filtering is used. Our headquarters is located in Pozzo D’Adda and we can offer our services in Milan and throughout Northern Italy.

Services for sterile rooms

First and foremost, our company can offer professional consulting for the design of clean rooms, and we can take care of their complete realization, from the conception of design to management. We develop prefabricated units that meet the standards required by the discipline and are suitable for both the pharmaceutical and hospital sectors. Our productions also guarantee excellent efficiency and low maintenance, thanks to a detailed 3D design and the development of simulation models, to our speed in maintenance service and supply of spare parts, and to a research and development policy that has always repaid us with excellent results.

You can request more information about our production of sterile rooms in Milan by contacting Phamm Engineering now.

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