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Composite fibers

Clean rooms for composite fibers

As far as the processing of composite fibers is concerned, it is essential to avoid the presence of dust or dirt between the various layers, this would threaten the quality of the product.

Composite fibers are used for aircraft and satellites, so it is important that the manufacturing process meets the high standards set by the industry. The purpose of the clean room is to protect these processes from dust and external agents, guaranteeing the highest quality standards.

Thanks to twenty years of experience in the composite fiber sector, Phamm Engineering is able to create ad hoc clean rooms.

With Phamm Engineering you can have a single interlocutor who analyses, designs, manufactures, installs and validates Clean Rooms with the Made in Italy guarantee.

Solutions for the Composite Fiber Industry



Testing of composite materials

Clean rooms
tailor made

At Phamm Engineering we create fully customized systems that allow you to effectively control airborne particulates and keep track of temperature, humidity and air quality levels, so as to work in the ideal conditions for the production of high quality and precision electronic components. Our clean rooms are suitable for the assembly, production and testing of electronic components, ensuring maximum protection from external agents and maintaining absolute sterility for contamination-free production.

Clean rooms

for companies in the composite fiber sector

The clean rooms of Phamm Engineering and the attached solutions for air particulate control ensure high efficiency and low maintenance interventions, thanks to a tailor-made 3D design, the use of first-class components with the possibility of non-standard measurements and speed in the service of maintenance and supply of spare parts.

Phamm Engineering services

Phamm Engineering stands out for the efficiency and completeness of services for clean rooms: from consultancy and plant design to qualified assistance and maintenance support.

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