The term aseptic room refers to the cleanrooms, structures that provide a total purification of the air in order to obtain the precision required for particular processes, such as high-precision electronic and mechanical production or chemical-sanitary contexts, that we’ll see now.

The aseptic chamber for pharmaceuticals

The production of medicines is one of the first areas in which it is necessary to operate in a completely sterile and decontaminated environment, which complies with the standards of good manufacturing contained in the GMP and ISO 14644-1: 2015 standards. The cleanroom is
also useful in hospital productions: chemotherapy drugs, galenic drugs, bags for parenteral nutrition and cellular manipulations. Also about the operating department, this requires a ventilation and conditioning system with controlled contamination (VCCC), which is able to maintain the suitable thermo-hygrometric conditions, ventilate the rooms in a suitable way to maintain the environmental concentration of anesthetic gases or other gaseous pollutants below the established limits, as well as that of total airborne particulates (organic and inert). Finally, cosmetic production also falls within these standards imposed by European regulations.

Chemical and biological sector

The chemical industry is always driven to the search for new and more refined products, which make air purification an essential need. Consequently it is necessary the presence of a centralized suction system, able to intercept the contaminants through filtering systems, also in stainless steel finish and in ATEX version. While as regards the laboratories where there is the presence of biological agents, a high risk for the health of the operators, the provision of controlled containment systems for the management of cells and microorganisms is an absolute obligation.

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