The rapid evolution of the market now imposes strict control and safety regimes in almost all sectors and more and more areas in which Phamm Engineering dedicates its cleanrooms offer. In addition to the medical, chemical, pharmaceutical and microelectronic sectors, there are many companies that ask for an upgrade of their plants with quality cleanrooms: from the food & beverage to optic industry, from cosmetics to biology, from companies that deal with composite fibers to those of mechanics and plastic molding.

Pharmaceutical sector

The first sector to find itself in the need to operate in decontaminated and sterile environments is the pharmaceutical sector: the strict standards of good manufacturing and the required certifications find in Phamm Engineering’s cleanrooms safety of compliance constant over time.

Food industry

Preserving food products is a focal point in guaranteeing the application of HACCP standards: air quality, temperature and humidity are necessary elements to prevent bacteria and fungi, responsible for food spoilage, from proliferating. The control of these parameters through special clean rooms guarantees a high quality and long preservation of foodstuffs. Some processes involved can be: bottling, packaging and production of foods such as meat, milk derivatives, bread making, beverages, etc.

Chemical Sector

The development of new products and new materials pushes the chemical industries to a continuous investment in research. The purification of the air from the presence of contaminants involves a centralized suction plant, equipped with filtering systems, sometimes in stainless steel finish and in ATEX version. Many processes, to avoid contaminating the product, must be carried out in controlled environments with devices such as laminar flow hoods or cleanrooms.

Composite materials

The continuous demand for high quality materials to be used in aeronautical, military, nautical and automotive processes has also led the companies that deal with composite materials production and processing to acquire Clean Rooms, necessary for the control of contaminants.

Electronic Sector

In the electronic sector the use of Cleanrooms is essential. The continuous production of smaller and smaller devices, leads to an increasingly accurate air cleaning. Cleanrooms installed for this type of application require high technology and high standards of construction. The materials and the finishes must guarantee the highest quality.

Hospital Sector

Cleanrooms for the production of chemotherapy drugs, Cleanrooms for Gallenic productions, Cleanrooms for the production of parenteral nutrition bags, Clean rooms for cell manipulation.

Biological sector

In laboratories where exposure to biological agents is a risk to the health of the operator, it is necessary to be equipped with structures that guarantee appropriate controlled containment systems, for the safe management of cells and microorganisms.


Today the new European regulations ask companies to adapt to strict hygiene and safety standards. The required quality standards can only be obtained through specific industrial processes and not with artisanal solutions.


The production of optical instruments requires considerable control over the surface properties of the finished product, which can only be obtained with quality cleanrooms, whether it is a consumer item (eyewear), or a more specialized object (objectives or special mirrors). The now widespread use of coatings with various properties (anti-glare, anti-fog, etc.) sees the main quality parameter as uniformity and homogeneity both on the surface and in the thickness of the film.

Phamm Engineering offers consulting, design, construction and management of sterile clean rooms for all companies whose production must be protected from exogenous and endogenous sources of pollution. Attention to detail in all stages of development and all technical components.
Phamm Engineering is always careful to guarantee the highest performance and the highest levels of safety.
The result? Quality products and results that exceed your expectations.

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