Phamm Engineering deals with the production of cleanrooms in its headquarters in Pozzo D’Adda, Milan. Thanks to the best and most advanced technological tools our company guarantees a quality product and able to respond to every application need.

Production of cleanrooms

In our offices we design cleanrooms and produce related products, which can offer a solution to all the realities that need to work in environments protected from endogenous and exogenous sources of pollution, in order to offer safe products of the highest quality. The systems developed by Phamm Engineering are the result of an intense and constant research and development policy, which includes, among other things, the use of top-level components, and 3D design using SolidWorks software, plus the development of models for CFD simulation and FEM analysis. Our attitude to innovation, combined with a particular speed in the service of maintenance and supply of spare parts, ensures that our products have great efficiency and little need for maintenance.

Services and benefits

Entrusting to Phamm Engineering for the realization of your clean rooms, you will first of all have our consultancy available through a personalized and professional relationship, with which to find together the best solution for your turnkey plant. You will also be assured of a product that incorporates the best of industry technology to offer high performance in terms of safety, energy efficiency and performance, as well as providing great flexibility and modularity. We also take care to offer you the best pre and post sales assistance and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance plans. Phamm Engineering is committed to guaranteeing the customer seriousness, competence, quality and price control.

You can request more information about our cleanroom production by contacting Phamm Engineering now.