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Tailored air showers for controlled contamination environments

Phamm Engineering, a cleanroom manufacturing company located in Milan, also deals with complementary tools for controlled contamination environments such as air showers.

These machines allow to eliminate the contaminants from the environment, that are carried by the main source: the operators who work there, both incoming and outgoing.

Standard and custom-made air showers

It is equally important that the contamination is not carried either inside or outside the work environment: in the first case, because we precisely want to avoid the introduction of external agents into the work environment; in the second case, we speak specifically of harmful powders. Phamm Engineering’s air showers allow the removal of dust and fibers deposited on garments by washing them with high pressure jets, pre-filtered by HEPA filters and emitted by nozzles evenly distributed on the internal surface of the shower. These allow the detachment of the particles from the operator’s clothing. These solutions are useful both for the exit and entry into clean rooms and for maintaining the decontamination status of pharmaceutical products; they are available in standard sizes as well as in custom sizes: Phamm Engineering stands out in fact to offer ample flexibility in the realization of each of its projects.

Characteristics of Phamm Engineering’s air showers

Among the main features of a Phamm Engineering’s air shower, we first mention a practical Siemens control system configurable via TCP-IP and an 8”colour touch panel; HEPA filters with efficiency greater than 99.99% for particles of 0.3 micron and pre-filters with 85% efficiency; glass doors with automatic door closers, interlocked and complete with traffic lights, self-locking in the event of a power failure; very high efficiency IE4 fans with integrated inverter; internal aluminum nozzles with throw at an over 20m / s range; programmable and automatically regulated overpressure control; dirty filter warning; led lamp. And finally, the possibility to choose between painted carbon and stainless steel.

You can request more information on our air showers by contacting Phamm Engineering now.

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