The laminar flow area is essentially used for two purposes.

The first purpose is to create zones inside clean rooms with a class, according to the ISO standard, superior to the one in which the softwall is installed.

The second one is the possibility of satisfying, at low cost, the specific needs of those companies in which it’s essential to operate in environments that require clean air and control of contamination without having a clean room.

Softwalls are characterized by ease of expansion and ease of assembly and repositioning.

Phamm softwalls are the most advanced and cost-effective solution for the creation of clean areas confined with critical equipment and processes.

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Principle of operation

The SOFTWALL CLEANROOM, entirely developed and produced by Phamm Engineering, will be realized in order to convey a Laminar Flow of air (filtered through pre-filters and H14 absolute filters) directly on the work surfaces, avoiding that particles are deposited on the articles to assemble.

Structure and cladding

The structure of the SOFTWALL CLEANROOM will be made of carbon steel painted with epoxy powders and baked in the oven. The filter plenum, inside which the FFU Units and lighting will be built, will be of the self-supporting type, supported by a series of stands, fixed to the ground or on wheels, arranged on perimeter. Alternatively the cleanroom softwall can be made of stainless steel 304 or 316

The ceiling will be made of extruded and powder-coated aluminum profiles, closed, for positions not occupied by lamps and filters, by RAL 9010 metal sheets or laminate panels.

The entire perimeter of the structure includes a closure made of plastic material, so as to create an insulation wall from the rest of the room. Strips, in soft antistatic PVC material, allow a simple passage of both operators and materials. Strips will reach up to a height between 15 and 20 mm from the ground.


A series of Self-Venting Filter Modules such as FILTER FAN UNIT (FFU) will be located at critical points. The number and type are chosen according to the customer’s needs

The lighting is guaranteed by LED lamps positioned in the ceiling

The structure is equipped with an electrical control panel for the switching on and the adjusting of FFU and lighting.

The presence of a differential manometer indicates the state of filters clogging by a light indicator.


Assembly of microelectronic components, aerospace industry, pharmaceutical production, food packaging, beverage bottling, sterile filling and packaging, screen printing, machinery confinement, creation of A class environments, etc.

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