Phamm Engineering stands out for the efficiency and completeness of cleanroom services: from consulting and plant design to qualified support and maintenance. Furthermore, by producing and manufacturing its own systems, Phamm Engineering guarantees the customers a single point of contact so as to achieve significant cost savings. In addition, the assistance service supports and satisfies the customer throughout the manufacturing process, from “design to production” to “installation to after-sales“.

Advice and Assistance

Phamm Engineering establishes a personalized relationship with the customer, supporting him with professionalism and efficiency in solving environmental reclamation problems, thanks to the continuous research of new techniques and the application of the latest control technologies.


The strength of Phamm Engineering is in the autonomous production of all items with the use of pre-built, tested, certified components and the realization of “turnkey” plants. Thanks to the continuous training of technical designers and assemblers, Phamm Engineering guarantees the customer seriousness, competence, quality and price control.


Phamm Engineering is always looking for innovative and technologically advanced products, able to guarantee quality and safety. It uses systems and / or components to reduce consumption and costs, such as the use of spare parts and maintenance interventions.

Scheduled maintenance

Phamm Engineering is able to support you in all the phases concerning maintenance: from the planning of procedures, to the optimization of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance processes.

Modularity and Flexibility

Tutti i prodotti Phamm Engineering, forniscono al committente massima flessibilità d’impiego e riorganizzazione. La modularità dei prodotti Phamm Engineering consente l’espansione, la riorganizzazione e la rilocazione rapida degli stessi.

Energy efficiency

The Phamm Engineering control system accurately detects the parameters involved in the plant during all phases of use. Controls ensure that energy consumption is minimized and that the performance is always the best.


Phamm Engineering is able to support you in the protocols writing for validation and execution in the field, with the help of modern and constantly certified equipment. Validation services for clean rooms and related HVAC systems, Biohazard safety cabins, laminar flow modules and process equipment.


Writing and execution of protocols: DQ (Design Qualification), IQ (Installation Qualification), PQ (Performance Qualification), Drafting of SOPs (Standard Operation Procedures). Definition and drafting of: URS (User Requirements Specification), HDS (Hard Design Specification), SDS (Software Design Specification), Drafting of the VMP (Validation Master Plan)

Safety measures and procedures

Phamm Engineering constantly adopts procedures and methods for the control and implementation of safety in environments and work sites, fullfilling the legislation of the single text 81-08.


The use of technologies to support the design and the continuous training of technicians and engineers, guarantee that the solutions proposed by Phamm Engineering are the best that can be offered in terms of quality and cost. Good design reduces installation and maintenance costs while the choice of high-quality products is synonymous with reliability for the customer.