Passboxes and cart pass-through constructed in AISI 304 stainless steel monobloc, with scotch brite finish and TIG welding. Rounded interiors.

Phamm Engineering’s great production flexibility makes it possible to produce models that are not standard, according to customer’s specifications.

Call the company at +39 02 8364 7535 and ask for a technician, he will be happy to listen and meet your needs.

Available versions:

    • Static mechanical interlock Mod. PBM
    • Static electric interlock Mod. PBS
    • Single flow electrical interlock Mod. PBF
    • Double flow electrical interlock Mod. PBF-D
    • Equipment available depending on the model

• SIEMENS 4” Touch Panel and Control Panel
• Input and output of H14 HEPA filters
• ECM fan
• Siemens pressure switch to display compartment pressure
• UV lamp module for automatic sanitization
• Automatic pressure control module
• Automatic air flow control module


To open the door, press the button on the front of the machine, the opposite door is automatically locked thanks to the present magnet. The electrical interlocking system of the two doors that divide the two rooms serves to prevent the doors from being opened simultaneously. This prevents contamination of the sterile environment. Once the door is closed, the washing cycle starts. At the end of the cycle, it will be possible to press the button on the exit side, opening the door to remove the decontaminated material. The entered materials undergo to a “washing cycle”, through a laminar flow for the removal of particles, and an antibacterial treatment using UV-C ultraviolet rays.

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