The FFU filter modules have been designed to satisfy, at low cost, the specific needs of those companies in which it is essential to operate in environments where it’s necessary to obtain clean air and contamination control in ISO4 / 5 classes and according to ISO 14644-1 and GMP. The units are designed to be housed on self-supporting structures or to be inserted in grids.

Advantages of using autonomous FFU:

RELIABILITY – Each FFU operates autonomously, the failure of one or more units does not compromise the integrity of the entire system.

MODULARITY – The modularity of our products allows their expansion, reorganization and rapid relocation. You can rearrange the zones simply by changing their location. Units can be replaced by light panels or empty panels.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY – The control system performs the exact measurement of the parameters involved in the plant during all phases of use. Controls ensure that energy consumption is minimized and that the performance is always the best.

FLEXIBILITY – It is possible, by increasing the modules, inserting them into existing systems, to increase the class of the installation area.

TECHNOLOGY – The fans used, ECM type, have a very low consumption. The aid of a special software guarantees the ease of management and monitoring of each single unit.

APPLICATIONS – Assembly of microelectronic components, pharmaceutical production, food packaging, beverage bottling, filling and sterile packaging.

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