Standard and custom-made air showers for your processes.

A prerogative of controlled contamination environments is the control and management of contaminants. Contaminants must not be propagated inside, or outside in the case of harmful dust, from controlled areas.

A very effective method is to equip these environments with special products, called “Air Showers”, which are able to remove any fiber or dust deposited on the clothing of staff entering or leaving two rooms.

This removal takes place by air washing. Each air shower is made up of high-pressure nozzles evenly distributed on the internal surface of the shower. An air flow of considerable capacity, pre-filtered by HEPA filters, is able, through contact with the garment, to detach the particles present on the operator.

The contaminated air is taken up in the base of the shower by special grills so that it can be filtered again and put back into circulation.

Cleanroom application: the largest source of contaminants in controlled environments is the operator. The adoption of this product makes this contamination almost nothing.

Pharmaceutical and in research environments application: showers have the ability to keep pharmaceutical products in a free of contamination state and above all to prevent the propagation of dangerous substances outside a specific area.


  • SIEMENS control system manageable and configurable via TCP-IP
  • 8″ colour TOUCH PANEL and Siemens PLC for setting “washing” time.
  • HEPA filter with efficiency> 99.99% for 0.3 micron particles
  • Pre-filter with 85% efficiency placed before the HEPA filter
  • Manual button for emergency doors unlocking
  • Full height glazed doors equipped with automatic door closers
  • Interlocked doors complete with traffic lights and managed by PLC
  • Automatic door release in case of power outage
  • Very high efficiency IE4 fans with integrated inverter
  • Internal aluminum nozzles, complete with high range damper, higher than 20 m / s
  • Programmable overpressure control, automatically controlled by PLC
  • Filters dirt report and filter remaining life (estimated)
  • Led lamp
  • Made of RAL 9010 powder coated carbon steel, on request in 304 or 316 stainless steel
  • Possibility of realization with non-standard dimensions

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