A whole other air with Phamm Engineering consultancy and products

For clean rooms, Phamm Engineering offers

  • consulting,
  • design,
  • realization,
  • management.

Clean rooms for all companies whose productions must be protected from exogenous and endogenous sources of pollution and that want care in detail of all the development phases and all the technical components, in order to have quality products and excellent results.

Numerous production and research processes today require conditions of extreme cleanliness of the air and this need is increasing constantly, proceeding hand in hand with the affirmation of new and more and more sophisticated technologies related to rooms with controlled pollution.

Microelectronics, cosmetics, chemicals, composite materials such as carbon, precision optics, sterile and non-sterile preparations for the pharmaceutical industry, biological compounds, cell cultures are the most common processes that require a lot of high cleaned air, not reachable with traditional approaches in simply clean environments.

The development of new plant concepts has led to the creation of controlled contamination environments, the so-called clean rooms. In these environments the air maintains a high or very high level of cleanliness. These are prefabricated locals, or groups of rooms, isolated from the surrounding ones and served by their own air conditioning and treatment plant.

In the design phase are developed solutions that guarantee systems that comply with the requirements set by the standards, US Federal Standard 209E, ISO 14644-1, GMP.

The products and systems for clean rooms, designed and manufactured by Phamm Engineering in Milan, guarantee efficiency and low maintenance interventions:

  • thanks to 3D design, through SolidWorks software and the development of models for CFD simulation and FEM analysis
  • thanks to a constant research and development policy in the use of first-rate components
  • thanks to the speed in the maintenance and spare parts supply service.

Call the company at +39 02 8364 7535 and ask for a technician, he will be happy to listen to your needs and propose you the most suitable solutions.

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    Call the company at the number
    +39 02 8364 7535 
    and ask for a technician, he will be happy to listen and satisfy your needs.